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Weight loss blogs and forums; a dieters support group

woman's diet support groupThese days there are support groups for just about anything you can think of. But for some reason, finding a support group for weight loss is a little bit more difficult to find. They are the obvious ones like Weight Watchers, but those aren’t necessarily considered support groups. Groups like Weight Watchers is more for “members only”, if you know what I mean. In other words, in order to become a member of the Weight Watchers, you have to use the system and their products.

The thing is, that Weight Watchers is not necessarily for everyone. Some people simply don’t believe in the points system as an effective and sane way to lose weight. What most people really need is somebody to talk to about the problem is that they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis regarding their diet plan and weight loss program. And this is way the Internet becomes your best friend. There are so many good weight loss blogs out there, all you need to do is type in a few choice keywords and you the enter button. Continue reading

How to communicate via texting to stave a broken relationship

smiling woman with phone

As far as break-ups go, everybody’s been through it at one stage or another in their lives. Unfortunately, not everybody handles break-ups very well. In fact, most people on the receiving end of a breakup are usually taken by surprise. It’s because of this (surprise break-ups) that those on the receiving end are usually the ones trying to get their ex back.

If you’re one of those people who wants to back your ex, there are a few things you really need to consider first before making a move and possibly making things worse. Read a Text Your Ex Back Review for an easy-to-follow system. Continue reading

Useful tips on how to attract positive female attention

how to attract womenIf you had to tally up your life, thinking way back to when you were in school, and if you had to be honest, you are more than likely the quiet type, and never drew attention to yourself and somehow always managed to fade into the background. As a result of this, you more than likely never had a date, because you never had the guts to talk to a girl, let alone ask one out. Truth be told, that’s pretty much what your adult life is like now to, right? If the answer is yes, then you are going to benefit from this article in more ways than one. First, we are going to give you easy tips on how to attract positive female attention, and second we suggest you look into the Tao of Badass review to get information on this book, which you seriously need in your life, as do about 98% of the male population. Continue reading

How to find woodworking plans

woodThere are a number of ways of that you can save money and obtain a quality array of carpentry woodworking plans. From making almost every sort of wooden items from small to larger wooden objects and woodworking plans such as ones to make items such as a table and chairs and storage boxes to making easier smaller type of wooden objects. It is possible to find every sort of woodworking plan to download from your computer and get started.

A large number of woodworking plans are available from Teds woodworking plan. Obviously having a paper plan of the project instructions and drawings at hand and to be able to carry around is easier than having to read and follow the instructions from a computer screen.

There are also woodworking plans that are available in many woodworking magazines and books. You can gain access to these through libraries and by purchasing specialist magazines. Subscriptions to woodworking and joinery magazines are readily available from the beginner to the more advanced woodworker. A magazine subscription will also keep you up to date on the various tools and techniques of woodworking. Continue reading

First date tips and what NOT to do

text flirting secretsBy now, just about everybody knows, or should know what magnetic messaging is. For those who are still not quite clued up, check out the magnetic messaging for a little bit of background as to what it is, and how to use it to your best advantage.

The following is for the rest of you who have finally learned how to use it to gain confidence, learn to chat a woman, what you say and how to get a first date. You have now managed to ask out on a date, but now you’re worried about how to behave on your first date. (Encyclopedia of Human Relationships) Here are a few ideas or tips on how to avoid making first date mistakes which can ruin any chance of a second date or more.

First of all, being too agreeable or constantly saying “me too” to everything she has to say, and then using her stories as a launch pad for you to jump in and tell her your similar story and constantly interrupting her, can make it sound like you’re not really interested in what she is has to say instead of you sincerely being thrilled that you have a lot in common with her. If you find yourself doing this a lot, you can salvage the date by simply keeping your mouth shut and listening to what she has to say. This does not mean you need to say very little or even nothing at all, it just means done interrupter when she is speaking, and if you do have something to say, your similar story, ask her questions about her story to show your interest instead. Continue reading

Non-sustainable and sustainable weight loss programs

ccdiet woman eating healthyThe thing about most weight loss programs, is that there are not sustainable over long-term periods. A whole host of issues with these kinds of weight loss programs stems from this one factor. It also the main reason why most people wind up cheating on their diets, or simply quit before completing the program. Weight loss is difficult enough without adding all of this to the mix as well.

This is where the cruise control diet is different from other programs. Not only is it easily sustainable over long periods of time, it does not have set in stone rules that most diets have. For instance, the cruise control diet does not ask that you restock your food cupboards with entirely new foods, there is no need for counting calories or weighing your food before you can eat it, and it does not take up huge chunks of the time of your day when it comes to prep time or cooking. This diet also takes into consideration the fact that you are in fact human, and therefore does not starve you of certain foods or restrict you from eating certain things. Instead, it actually encourages you to indulge in your cravings now under gain in order to keep the mostly at bay.

While these points are fantastic and blasts most other weight loss programs out of the water, it’s the last point that makes this diet so different from others. Because it does not force you to exclude certain food groups entirely from your diet, neither does it dictate your food portions, you suffer less food cravings as a result, nor will you never starve or feel hungry. Continue reading

Tips for trick photography.

trick photography bananaSome images you see in magazines, the internet and movies are amazing yet unreal. These illusory mind-blowing photographs are created using state-of-the-art photographic equipment and software. The technique that enables the creating of such amazing images often seen in movies and magazines is called trick photography and special effects.

Professional photographers will obviously put into use top trick photography techniques, special effects and expensive photographic equipment and scenes to create mind-blowing artistic images. However, you need not be a professional photographer or acquire ultramodern photographic equipment to be able to take high quality camera shots and create an illusory masterpiece. The tricks to taking great photos lies in the photographer’s imagination. With just about the basic photographic equipment, an imaginative photographer – pro or budding- can come up with artistic images like never seen. Continue reading

Renewable energy: too expensive not to use

solar panel renewable energySo we’ve all heard about these scenarios of what life would be like in the future from the TV. Think future where electricity is more valuable than water or gold. Sounds stupid? Even crazy? Not really actually. It’s a very possible future if you consider what we paying for electricity and power today already. Go about preventing such a feat from happening? Actually, it’s very easy. The answer is quite simply renewable energy.

So what the heck is renewable energy you, want to know. Well, let’s go back in time a little bit first. Several years ago Summit came up with this ingenious idea of an electric car. Yes, yes I know. Electricity again, but wait I’m not done yet. The electric car meant no more burning of fossil fuels, the use of oil, coal, petroleum, diesel or any of these flammable and poisonous fluids and substances that make our cars go. Celebrities are the first to get their hands on these vehicles and they loved them! The problem was the big oil companies and car companies didn’t love them because that meant they were taking a massive hit. So the electric cars were pulled off the market and we were left with our conventional oil burning, petrol guzzling automobiles instead. The Hydro cars. These were great because they ran on water and required nor will or petrol and gave of no emissions. Same story as the electric cars, they were pulled. The Hydro cars and the electric car to perfect examples of what renewable energy can do for our world and our lives, if our governments were just allow us to have them. So what the heck can we do about, you want to know.

This is where an ingenious little bookcase comes into play. It’s called earth4energy and was written by an engineer who spent most of his life working in the industry and decided that he did not want to pay the prices for power to run his home and thought that neither should everybody else. So he wrote a book describing how you can build a couple of devices for a couple thousand dollars US, or a few thousand Rand, if you really want to save big bucks. You need any technical know-how or even had taken science in school to be able to do this, all you need is the world to save money. And if is not too much of a stretch, help save the planet to. He has created an awesome little package that includes an e-book which is fully illustrated, with comprehensive step-by-step instructions, video tutorials of the same for those who prefer watching instead of reading, explaining in explicit detail exactly what to do and when to do it in order to build your own free renewable energy. Continue reading

Our take on the Naturaful breast cream.

Breast enlargement
A large number of women desire large breasts. This may explain why breast augmentation has gained popularity over the years. But this is an invasive procedure that is also very expensive. Breast enlargement creams offer an effective alternative to surgery. This is because they are considered safer and less expensive. One of the options available to women is Naturaful. This is an enlargement cream that is designed to enlarge breast size. It does this by encouraging tissue growth in your breasts, allowing you to get bigger breasts naturally.

Naturaful is a herbal-based product that works with your body’s natural functions to make your breasts bigger. It also helps to make your breasts firmer. All the ingredients that are included in this product are natural. They include: Continue reading

More tips on how to lose weight

By now you know that there are literally thousands of weight loss sites and tips and advice readily available online. The unfortunate truth is that a large number of them are either useless or a little bit dangerous. People are easily manipulated by the media about what is considered attractive or the ideal body weight. The problem is that anybody can easily get their hands on these dangerous diets in an effort to emulate the body images they see portrayed in the media, and it’s not just women who fall prey to this parody of beauty. The easiest way to tell a good eating plan from a dangerous diet, is that a good eating plan will not advise you to consume dangerously low amount of calories a day, or leave out entire food groups. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

Of course there are a lot of scam weight loss programs as well that are harder to pinpoint. The best way to determine whether or not a program is the real thing or a generic knockoff is to go to the website. If the link you click on takes you directly to a legitimate website, then theoretically, it is not a scam. Armed with this information, it’s now easier to surf the net looking for good sites on weight loss programs or tips on how to lose weight safely and healthily. Websites that offer customized fat loss programs are very popular because they are designed to be customized to fit into your lifestyle. However, if you are a busy working mother, a diet program that requires you to prepare and cook more than one meal per day, might not be ideal since you do not have a lot of time on your hands. In that case, you might find it easier to follow a few tips on how to adjust your current lifestyle without adding to your time schedule. Continue reading

Acne Treatment Options Available

acne bad practiseAcne can affect you even after puberty. A large number of adults especially women suffer from acne. (Read this post from the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases for fast facts about acne.) If you have tried home remedies with no success, there are various treatment options that you can explore. The acne no more program by Mike Walden seems to have helped thousands of acne sufferers from around the world and maybe worth checking out.

You may have to combine two or more therapies to get a treatment that works for your individual case. It may also be necessary to consult a dermatologist especially if your acne gets out of hand. Patience is essential when you are treating adult acne. Give each treatment some time to work before you try another option.

Topical Treatments

There are several gels, lotions, and creams that are specifically designed to treat acne. These topical solutions usually contain an antimicrobial and benzoyl peroxide. They can treat mild to moderate conditions. You can also use a retinoid with your topical solution to get additional benefits. But you need a prescription to use them. Continue reading

How Venus can change your body and your life

weightloss joy venus factorFor hundreds of years now, women have always chased the elusive dream of the perfect body. Up until now, it has been impossible to reshape the way your body looks physically, without using articles of clothing like corsets or “control underwear”. And even now, 99.9% of the diet programs and eating plans available, can’t change or reshape the way our bodies look. That perfect figure, the hourglass figure, is an elusive dream for most women, and interestingly enough, even those blessed with the genetics foreign hourglass figure, is cursed with the effects of our modern times; obesity. And this is due to food (mostly junky take-out food) being so readily available. But what if there was a way, a diet program that could change all that and give women exactly what they want? There is such a thing, and it’s called the Venus factor diet. And below are some important points of fact about this Venus factor diet that you need to know.

The very first thing and most important fact about this diet, is that it is designed especially for women. This means gentlemen, that you cannot, and will NOT, benefit from this diet plan. This diet is designed to reshape a woman’s body, regardless of what shape she is now, into the classic hourglass, the perfect body, just like the Venus the goddess, standing naked on her half shell. Hence the name the Venus factor diet. Continue reading

Tips and ideas on how to get that attractive looking body

adonis results with 6-pack absIt is been said in the past that when women get married, that’s when she let herself go, meaning she stopped taking care of herself, she stopped wearing makeup and she gets fat. Interestingly enough, these days, the same can be said for men. Only they don’t wait to get married to let themselves go, they just need to be in a long-term relationship, i.e. living with a woman. Things suddenly it’s perfectly acceptable to lie around on the couch every weekend all weekend long watching junk on TV while polishing off bag of the bag of potato chips and eating all manner of other junk and getting fatter by the minute while doing nothing. Well, since you may expect they’ll women to take care of themselves by going to the gym and staying slim and keeping their skin looking good and putting make-up on every day, these two sides to every coin, so guys, same goes for you! It’s time you get off your fat lady butt and do something about the way you look. So why don’t you start by checking out the Adonis golden ratio? This should give you enough motivation to getting your backside in gear and start taking care of yourself.

The Adonis golden ratio is only one of many different programs out there designed for guys to help them burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time. The difference between the Adonis golden ratio program and every other program out there, is the fact that Adonis will not necessarily help you or even allow you to bulk up so that you wind up looking like the Hulk. The Adonis program is designed more to give you that perfect V shape without the extra bulk. It is a far more attractive looking and aesthetically pleasing to the eye for the ladies, as opposed to big chunky slabs of muscle everywhere. So, if you actually want to look bulky, then the Adonis program is not you. Continue reading

Breast increasing through natural means continued

Woman Holding breasts

Breast enlargements have become the cosmetic surgery that has become as commonplace as having a haircut. It seems often woeful that women are encouraged and persuaded to have surgical implants by the media. Having large breasts has become important to a woman feeling good and attractive about her appearance. It would be sensible however before looking at surgery methods to look at other natural alternatives. are considered to enhance and increase the breast size. There are alternatives to having breast implants that involve no surgery and are natural ways of enhancing and adding extra breast inches. Boost your bust breast enhancing program is a more natural way of increasing breast size without surgical interventions.

If you choose breast augmentation this procedure adds volume to breasts with the addition of implants. Breast implants will be beneficial if a woman has very little breast tissue and feels ‘flat chested’. A woman may feel unhappy with her breast size and want to have a curvier feminine shape. Continue reading

Understanding what causes your body to grow taller.


Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to be taller? If that is the case then you are part of of thousands upon thousands of people around the world who wish to change the way they look. We know that being short isn’t great, you are probably aware that a lot of women can prefer to be with a man that is tall, since this adds a level of security to a women.

Women who are short also can feel the same way, it’s natural for a woman to be about 5”5 inches but some women are a lot smaller than this and sometimes have to reply on illusions such as wearing tall high heels to add that extra height. You may not know it but there is actually ways to increase your height naturally without the means for dangerous techniques. If you’re looking for a step by step guide then grow taller 4 idiots should help. Continue reading

Improving your eyesight naturally


Improving your vision without having the need to wear glasses or contact lenses might not seem possible in your eyes. You probably have always been told and assumed that your poor vision is set and inherited from parents. Genetics’ do play a big part in the vision that you have, although defective vision is not set and can be improved as medicine proves. Advances in eye surgery, and the use of lasers are evidence that eyesight can be altered and improved.

One of the most common vision problems is when you are short-sighted. Dr Bates believed in the methods of completing a combination of eye exercises that would strengthen the eye muscles and improve the eyesight in a natural way. Vision without glasses might seem like an improbability but through research Dr Bates has gained strong belief in his work and he has become well known and respected for his controversial ways. Continue reading

Breast Enlargement Tips

massage breast

There are many products on the market that should help you boost the size of your breasts. Many of these products contain natural ingredients and have shown in trials to be beneficial towards the body. One other thing that needs to be taken into account is using natural supplements is far less of a risk than option for breast enhancing surgery, since surgery can leave nasty scaring, soreness and sometimes the results might not be how you expected. If your looking to increase your breasts by natural means, then one product that seems to be effective among women is called ” Breast Actives” you can read a in-depth review at this site

Breast actives contains ingredients such as fennel, Dandelion root and blessed thistle. The cream that is also supplied with the supplements contains Aloe Vera, which we know is beneficial towards the body and skin. Among the many women who have tried Breast Actives, a handful of them have experienced a huge growth in their breasts, some of these women have left testimonials on the Breast Actives website.

One of the downsides to Breast Actives is that it can be quite expensive since it has to be run for 6 months. If your looking for a cheaper option, then you might want to check out Bustmaxx which is available from amazon. The same website that reviewed Breast Actives has an interested comparison page on Bustmaxx and Breast Femino, it’s called Breast Femino Vs Bustmaxx and it’s certainly worth checking out. Continue reading

Eat stop eat and how it works

benefits-of-eat-stop-eatThere are literally hundreds of diet plans out there to try if you’re looking to lose some weight. However there is one diet plan eating plan if the around for a few hundred years, problem more like a few millennia, yet you don’t see much about it in the media. It’s called eat stop eat, so if you’re really interested in finding out more about this program, and if you are interested in actually purchasing the program, then I suggest you visit the blog. In the meantime, we’ll be talking more about this program and what it is, and how it works, so keep reading.

So it’s this is not new or revolutionary, and has been around for quite some time as I mentioned before. In a nutshell, it stop eat is about fasting. But not fasting in the way you would think. It’s a system that’s been tweaked and well thought out to help people lose weight in a safe and effective manner using fasting as a weight loss medium. Fasting is only dangerous if you actually don’t know what you’re doing, or don’t follow the program properly. If you do not heed the warnings or of the prescribed way of using the product, then you could be causing yourself a hell of a lot more harm than doing yourself any good. Fasting is not something that should be taken lightly. It is not a frivolous activity, it’s a weight loss tool. Continue reading

Great Africa holiday destinations

egypt-destinationThere must be something said about this country, South Africa, because everybody wants to visit it and experience its diversity. Foreigners flock to South Africa in droves all year long, not just during the summer months. No they really must be something about this country pulls people to it like a moth to the flame. Take me for instance, I’ve lived here for 37 years and have never left. I keep talking about visiting the rest of the world and seeing all these beautiful and exotic places, when my own country as were some of the most exotic places on earth! And I’ve you to see those! So I can understand why the recent the world is coming here.

South Africa holidays are extremely popular and rank right up there with places like Thailand and Mauritius. We have such a richness of different cultures, so many different kinds of people with their own strange ways that seem exotic, even to a born and bred South African. The beauty of this country that we have things like one of the biggest reasons in the world, the Namib Desert, which stretches for over 2000 km along the Atlantic coast of Angola, Namibian and South Africa. It extends all the way from the Carunjamba River in Angola, through Namibia to the Olifants River in the Western Cape, which is in South Africa. The North most portion an additional 450 km from the Angola border to where it approaches the Kalahari Desert. Naturally I could go on and on and tell you more about this formidable stretch of land, but to give you an idea of its size, estimated to be around 81,000 m² in size. Continue reading

Cinnamon house: A pearl in an emerald jungle

about-cinnamon-guest-house : If you are lucky enough to live in South Africa, or more specifically in Cape Town, then you will know about a place called the Garden Route. And if you know anything about the garden route, you also know that a place called Wilderness. Wilderness is a plus or minus (depending on how many times you stop) a six hour drive from Cape Town, but man, it is so worth the drive! On the drive up the coast from Cape Town you drive through these tiny little towns with these funny little names that will have you giggling all the way to your destination.

Now once you get to Wilderness, you will be needing to look for some accommodation. My personal recommendation would be to look for a Wilderness hotel or even a guest house. I’ve been to Wilderness a couple times already, and I have my favourites, or should I say favourite, and in this post I will share it with you. Hopefully this will actually inspire you to visit an experienced this place for yourself.

This particular hotel was classed as a regular guest house. Actually no, a boutique guest house to be more precise. It has a four-star rating with a cleaning service that invisible and extremely efficient. But what strikes me the most about this particular place is how secluded it feels even though you’re only a few metres away from the main road. This is got to be one of the prettiest places I visited in a very, very long time. This something about this particular place that draws me to it all the time. It might be the fact that no matter which window you look out of all you see is rolling green hills, lash, thick dark green foliage and some of the prettiest flowers you’ve ever seen. Then of course there are the little birds that visit the garden. They have had these little bottles of red coloured syrup water for these birds in all the trees and created little perches and feeding stations in the trees for them, and the birds come in droves. They look like kingfishers but are not. They are called sunbirds and the males are brightly coloured with iridescent black and green feathers on the wings, bright red chests with a lot of blue and a lot of black, it is amazing. And of course as with everything in nature, where the males are bright, the females are dull coloured. It really is an amazing sight. What makes this so pretty and so amazing, is the fact that these birds will land on these little feeders all throughout the day and they are scattered in between tables and chairs we have breakfast, which makes breakfast entertaining at the same time. Continue reading